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Jean Charles Lanolin Product Range Lanolin is a gift from nature that has been tested, tried and used for many generations in the skin care industry.

Scientific research has proven that, with extended use, lanolin can help your skin retain its elasticity and youthful appearance.


Lanolin Skin Cream – 250gr Jar

Our skin crème is the basis of all our Lanolin Products. The unique moisturising and protecting properties of Lanolin have enabled us to develop this highly effective moisturiser. It is from this base that we have developed all our other skin care products. This crème is gentle enough to use all over the body including the face.Jean Charles Skin Crème comes in two convenient sizes – an economical 250gr jar for the whole family to use; or a 100gr tube that can be carried with you to keep your skin soft and supple at all times.


Price: $10.00


Lanolin Skin Cream – 100gr Tube

100gr Tube Lanolin Skin Crème

Price: $8.00

0033 Lanolin Day Crème with Royal Jelly + Sunscreen – 100gr jar

Blended with Australian Lanolin, Royal Jelly, Collagen and cross linked Elastin our Day Crème helps to seal in the skin’s natural moisture to retain its elasticity and beauty. Our Day Crème with its rich yet easily absorbed formulation is ideal for use under make-up. The added sunscreen protects against the damaging effects of the sun.

Price: $10.00


Lanolin Anti-Wrinkle Night Crème with Royal Jelly – 100gr jar

This highly effective Night Crème will penetrate deeply into new skin cells while you sleep to revitalise after daily exposure to our harsh climate. The combination of Royal Jelly and Australian lanolin makes this an ideal product to nourish, tone and help create healthy looking skin.

Price: $10.00


Lanolin Skin Crème with Vitamin E – 100gr jar

Vitamin E plays an important role in promoting the absorption and rapid utilisation of ingredients into the skin. Vitamin E helps rejuvenate scarred skin tissue and is well known for its antioxidant properties.Our Lanolin Skin Crème with Vitamin E is a uniquely formulated product created to nourish and protect the skin from the harsh effects of the environment and everyday pollution. A light yet rich creme that can be used all over the body but is especially suitable for the face.

Price: $10.00


Lanolin Vitamin E Lip Balm with Sunscreen – 15gr tube

This convenient lip balm in a tube, with its specially designed tip for easier application, can be used everyday to keep lips soft and supple. Enriched with Vitamin E and Menthol to help soothe dry, cracked lips. The added sunscreen protects against sun and wind burn.

Price: $7.00 per tube

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